Majestic Awarded Grant Funding from the United Way of Ross County

The Majestic Theatre was awarded $15,000 through the United Way of Ross County’s COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund Grant. This funding is being used to develop and implement a new online streaming system that will allow the Majestic Theatre to broadcast its programming for patrons to safely enjoy in their homes while providing a new model to help the historic venue to sustain through the pandemic.

When Ohio reacted to COVID-19 to slow the spread of the virus it ordered closure of non-essential businesses, the Majestic Theatre was closed for the second time in its history due to a pandemic. Since the current pandemic struck, the Majestic Theatre has remained in a prolonged intermission since its production on March 7th. When restrictions were lifted in August allowing performance venues to reopen, these orders allowed for only 15% capacity, reducing the Majestic Theatre’s seating from over 500 seats to a mere 75 patron maximum. Unable to hold productions due to the restrictions, the Board began to research alternative solutions to return programming back to the historical landmark.

With the solution determined to be an online streaming service, the Board began working with The Recording Workshop to provide the scope of work to implement a high-quality, professional video broadcast service. This service will allow the Majestic to stream its productions through the pandemic, but will also allow for educational series to be broadcast, preservation and archival of programming, and the ability to virtually expand the seating capacity of the physical location.

“This option, to provide a steaming service, will allow the Majestic Theatre to expand its current abilities long after the pandemic.” Stated Gene Betts, secretary of the Board of Directors. The Majestic Theatre survives through revenue generated from rentals of the facility and ticket sales to its productions. “COVID-19 has prevented us from our normal source of revenue, so with help from grant funding such as the grant from United Way, the Majestic will be able to resume productions while providing patrons a safe, alternate way to enjoy the shows. An online streaming service opens many new options for future programming while also broadening the Majestic’s potential to generate revenue that may help with long-term preservation goals.”

The Majestic Theatre is currently executing the agreement with the Recording Workshop to purchase the equipment needed and to begin the installation of the system. The first production being planned utilizing the streaming service is the February 27th performance by the Motown Sounds of Touch. More information regarding the streaming project will be shared by the Board of Directors as the project progresses. Latest news and information can be found on the Majestic’s website at and through its Facebook page.