In 2020, the Chillicothe Ross Chamber of Commerce joined the Leap of Kindness movement. We’re ready to leap into kindness again in 2024!

Leap of Kindness Day was created in 2016 by the Saratoga (N.Y.) Chamber of Commerce and several Chambers nationwide joined the movement to spread kindness across their community. In short, Leap of Kindness inspires and facilitates everyone to do something for someone else.

On the first Leap of Kindness Day, 50 Chambers in 30 states had thousands of people take part by cooking a meal for our first responders, collecting essential items for non-profits, doing canned food drives for food pantries, or something as simple as having students write a thank you card to someone they love.

So, what will you do with an extra day on Feb. 29? We invite you to jump on the train and bring some light into lives across our community.

Here are a few suggestions to get your thoughts started:


  • Employers can host a staff meeting to drum up ideas on how to contribute on or around Leap of Kindness Day. Use it to build employee morale, focusing on kindness and community. Share the information with employees and support their efforts to participate.
  • If you can think of an organization to support, call them and find out what they need. Make sure to focus on what they need to help maximize your efforts.
  • Don’t worry if your idea can be completed on leap day. For example, notes written to school employees should be delivered when school is in session rather than on a weekend when there is no school.
  • Rally the troops! There’s no reason to keep this to yourself. Grab a group of your friends, family, and/or co-workers and plan something to help out on this extra day.
  • Don’t think you’ll need a lot of money to do something. Doing something small that costs nothing but time is just as important as spending money. The phrase “It’s the thought that counts” truly applies here.
  • Make sure you let the Chamber know what you’ve done. We must inspire and honor each other by sharing our activities and ideas. Email them to us at


  • Collect and deliver food to food pantries, homeless shelters, or blessing boxes.
  • Send a note of gratitude to your child’s teacher, coach, or another school employee who has had an impact.
  • Contact your favorite charity to see if they need something (room painted, furniture moved, drive for supplies, etc.).
  • Seniors in assisted living often need a boost. A small bouquet, a note, or a personal visit can make their day.
  • Money helps all non-profits. Organize a fund-raiser – as small as a penny drive or as much as a specific fundraiser for a specific project – to help your favorite organization.
  • Our furry friends need a boost, too. Contact the Humane Society and see what they need, then do a drive to get the food or supplies they need to run their operations.

Or maybe you have an idea of your own … let’s talk and see if we can make it happen.


In the days leading up to Feb. 29, we’ll post the suggestions offered to help encourage kindness in Chillicothe and Ross County on this page. Come back to this page to see what we can achieve together!

How can you help local non-profits and other organizations?

Come back to this page to see suggestions from local non-profits!

  • The Ross County Community Action Resource Center needs volunteers from 5 to 8 p.m. to serve meals at the Community Resource Center on Eastern Avenue. Please contact Jennifer Perdew at 740-702-7222 ext. 145 for more information. Click here for a list of items needed by the Community Resource Center.
  • Elizabeth’s Hope Women’s Center needs baby essentials: Baby bath wash, shampoo and lotion, diaper rash creams, anti-colic bottles, digital thermometers, infant Tylenol, and infant Motrin.
  • The Child Protection Center of Ross County has free training for adults who wish to protect children from sexual abuse. The training, Stewards of Children, can be conducted most days a week and totals just two and a half hours. CPC will provide all materials for free and no fee for the course. For more information about this course, contact Rhiannon Gill at 740-779-7431 or

If you have a project you’d like help with on Feb. 29, please let us know by calling 740-702-2722.

What are other businesses and organizations doing to help?

  • The Chamber is hosting a diaper drive for Bottoms Up Diaper Drive as part of the World’s Largest Diaper Drive. Those who want to donate can drop off their donations at the Chamber between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on Feb. 29. Pick-up can be arranged by contacting Mike Throne via email or calling 740-702-2722.
  • Insight TMS and Mental Health Care will take resources and mental health materials to all local high school guidance offices in Ross County.
  • Downtown Chillicothe is donating $500 worth of Downtown Dollars on Feb. 29. Visit one of the participating businesses and participate in their claiming policy, and you’ll receive a FREE $10 certificate. The free $10 certificate can only be used at a participating business on Sunday, March 3. Click here to see the businesses and claiming policies for Feb. 29, and click here to see which businesses are participating on March 3.

If you want to add your business name. and project to the list, email