And now, we vote!

With all the curveballs that life has thrown at us in 2020, it’s important that we don’t lose sight of an important duty that we all should be a part of – voting. There are 22 days until Election Day.

Last week, the two million Ohio voters who requested absentee ballots started receiving them in the mail. Some of you might be in that group and have already voted. But for the six million other registered Ohio voters, October is going to be a long month.

If you haven’t voted yet, be sure to plan ahead and know your available options – whether by absentee ballot, early in-person voting or voting on Election Day.

Just to be clear, you CAN vote in person before Election Day. Early voting started last Tuesday and continues through Monday, Nov. 2. You CAN also vote by mail without an excuse or by dropping off your ballot in person. And, you can track your ballot after you’ve mailed one. Click here to track the ballot.

If you cast a ballot during the Early Voting Period, you CAN’T vote in person on Election Day.

If you decide to vote in person on Election Day, please remember lines and the wait time could be long, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to be able to cast your ballot.

And most of all, know the answers to these three questions:

  • When will you vote?
    • Will you vote early? Look at your schedule if you plan to vote in person on Election Day, make sure you get enough time to vote. Decide what time you will vote and put a reminder in a public spot or on your phone.
  • Where will you vote?
    • Make sure you know your polling place and where it is. It may have changed since the last time you voted. Click here to check it.
  • How will you get there (and back)?
    • Are you driving? Do you need a ride? Are there friends and neighbors who can go with you?

If you encounter problems, call the Ross County Board of Elections at 740-775-2350 and/or 866-OUR-VOTE (687-8683) to get answers.

The right to vote is a precious one. Make your voice heard at the polls in 2020.