A Hometown Taste -Member Crossroads- Bobbi Kellough

A Hometown Taste – This conversation occurs on a daily basis at the Chamber as I’m sure it does in most offices around the city and county, “What do we want to eat for lunch”?  I had just finished our banking and was on Bridge Street so I made the call into the office to see if anyone wanted anything to eat.  We decided to choose something different and that we would talk about it when I got to the office.  As I pulled out our Menu Folder, the menu on top was for Taylor Brothers Saloon.  I had never had lunch there and they had recently signed as a new member with the Chamber.  Taylors it is!Taylors Brother Saloon Burger

The whole Chamber team went to lunch together and when we walked in we knew about seven or eight people.  Saying hello and being called by name is one of the wonderful things of living in a smaller community.  I even got a high five from Tony!  Linda came to take our order and we asked about a couple of things on the menu, but she said that since we all were “first-timers”, we all had to have the Cheeseburger.  We should have made that choice to begin with. I mean, really, look at that picture. It was fabulous.

You know, not too many people would think about traveling under the “viaduct” for lunch; and as Randy says using his best Nascar analogy…you just have to turn right sometimes and see where it takes you.

Our lunch was great, the atmosphere pleasant and conversation was steady.  Heck, we were able to chat with other folks from around town who were enjoying lunch; former elected officials, doctors, entrepreneurs, and other members of our business community.

The Chamber staff doesn’t get to enjoy lunch together much, because of different meetings and activities around our community. But once in a while, we do get to venture out together to try some of community’s best eats. If we haven’t been by your place soon…here’s your warning, we’re coming your way.


-Bobbi Kellough, Member Relations & Events Manager

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