2021 Community Forecast Breakfast planned for Friday, February 19

Nearly a year ago, we gathered at the Chillicothe Country Club to reflect for a moment on a year of success and envision a new year that would continue the push toward a vibrant community. Our Community Forecast Breakfast looked at market conditions, the projects we’d already started, and the culture of our city and cast a cautious but positive outlook for 2020. Less than 40 days later, COVID-19 changed everything and ushered in words like “quarantine,” “virtual meeting,” and a slew of other terms that we’re getting to using by now.

We couldn’t have forecasted a global pandemic that is still making a significant impact in our community. Nonetheless, we certainly know that for much of 2021, it appears COVID will be a part of our everyday lives.

We discussed not holding our Community Forecast Breakfast this year because with so much uncertainty, how could we possibly focus on what’s to come? Ultimately, we decided that we had to conduct the event to help us crystallize in our minds that 2021 and beyond is incredibly important for our community to refocus on building our thriving community. We’re pleased to announce that the breakfast will happen – virtually – at 9 a.m. Friday, Feb. 19.

We’ve already lined up three speakers: Greater Chillicothe & Ross County Development Director Tammy Eallonardo, Downtown Chillicothe Project Manager Tiffany Baldwin, and Ross County Health Commissioner Garrett Guillozet. Each will speak about what we can expect in the new year. We will likely be adding a few more speakers soon, and we’ll keep you updated.

The virtual meeting is free, and a link will be sent out before the meeting to help everyone connect on the 19th. Now, we’re not asking for anything for the community forecast, but a link will allow you to donate to help keep the Chamber moving forward while we wait for events to start picking up again. Again, it’s optional, but please register to get the link and be a part of our event.

And, finally, you should mark down Tuesday, Mar. 2 on your calendars as well. We’re looking to “2021 and Beyond” and will make some special announcements soon about that date.