Picture This, Member Crossroads- Bobbi Kellough

Picture This Store View

A couple weeks ago, I had the awesome opportunity to eat lunch with Lynn Berry at Picture This!  I guess I hadn’t realized that Lynn has had the business in Chillicothe for over 25 years.  We ate our lunch in the back room where all the magic happens.  While I was unpacking our food, Lynn was actually finishing up a framing project for a local manufacturer.  I got to see the magic happen, and let me tell you….it is magic!  The picture in the frame was absolutely beautiful.  I’m actually glad that we ate in the back room because I would have never been able to carry on a conversation in the front of the store due to all the eye-catching Ohio State Buckeye merchandise in the show room.  Picture This is also the home of OSU Sports Fans.  Lynn has everything “Buckeye” that you can imagine.  No matter what you are looking for with the “Buckeye” logo, I’m sure Lynn has it.  I know how everyone is so busy and sometimes it’s hard to make it out to shop for gifts.  Did you know that OSU Sports Fans has an online store located at www.osusportsfans.com?  You can order online and Lynn will ship it directly to your door.  How convenient is that?  This has to be the best kept secret in town.  Tell all your friends and make sure you check out the online store.  And don’t forget to stop in at Picture This located at 141 W. Water St and say hi to Lynn.

-Bobbi Kellough, Member Relations & Events Manager

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