More Connected Thanks to BIG – Guest Blog- Heather Murphy

If you are looking for a way to feel more connected to Chillicothe, I recommend participating in the Chamber of Commerce’s Business, Industry, Government (BIG) Class. When I took part in this beneficial class, I spent nine months visiting local businesses, taking tours, making new connections, and forming new partnerships. I was most impressed with the mission of each organization that we visited. Each group’s mission statement was focused on making Chillicothe better for our children. It was heartwarming to see so many people invested in our community and the future of Chillicothe.

Our BIG Class visited different local businesses, where each leader shared the history of the business to include stories of successes and failures. Every story was followed by advice on achieving success. My favorite piece of advice was from Dr. John A. Robertson, founder and CEO of InfoSight: “Pick one thing and become the expert on that subject.” This wisdom has changed my view on how I measure success. I am now working on becoming the expert in my position and sharing my knowledge with others.

I was most enlightened by discovering the level of compassion that our government officials use to make decisions. People in influential positions, including the mayor, our county commissioners, our judge, and prison leadership all take into account the welfare of the individual as they contemplate various courses of action.

I came away from the class with a tremendous sense of optimism. It really is great to live in a place where so many are working so hard to make significant improvements for the people. Chillicothe may be expanding, but after going through the BIG Class, Chillicothe feels a little smaller to me than it did before.

~Heather Murphy
Voluntary Service Specialist
Chillicothe VA Medical Center



Do you have an emerging leader that you would like to have participate in the 2019-2020 B.I.G. Class?  We are taking applications now and there are only 15 spots to be filled.  Contact Bobbi Kellough at the Chamber for additional information  Don’t delay, submit your application today!