Scioto Society announces Haunted Mountain 2021 theme

We are proud and excited to announce Haunted Mountain 2021…The Passion of Dracula!

In 1853 when the city of Chillicothe was celebrating the opening of the Masonic Hall and Opera House, the Calea Victoriei, a traveling carnival from Hungary,  visited the town for the first time.  The carnival was such a huge success that it has returned each year since.  We are proud to be the new hosts for this interactive carnival extravaganza, featuring fortune tellers, tarot card readers, exotic foods, and more!  The carnival will take place on the grounds of the theatre.

Performances of The Passion of Dracula will take place in the theatre at 7PM and 9PM on each Friday and Saturday in October.

And of course, you will be able to try your hand at escaping Dracula’s Library!

This interactive night of entertainment will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced!

Tickets are limited, and our Halloween events sell out every year.  So make your plans now!