City seeks residents to partner in ‘Choose Chillicothe’ comprehensive planning process

  • December 20, 2021
  • News

CHILLICOTHE, Ohio – The City of Chillicothe is seeking passionate people interested in designing the future of this community.

The City is in the initial stages of developing a Comprehensive Plan – the master document that outlines a community’s vision of its future, including serving as a framework for defining the location, character, and extent of proposed public and private development and land use. City Council will review and approve the final document.

One of the first and most crucial steps in this process will be selecting a dedicated committee of diverse representatives of the community to serve on the Choose Chillicothe Steering Committee.

Applications will be accepted until January 9th through an open application process at

“The members of the Choose Chillicothe committee will be valuable ambassadors from the community during this process,” said Asti Powell, Development Director. “They will help inform the plan’s substance, guide the process of soliciting input from the broader community, and act as spokespersons for the planning effort at public events.”

Powell said participation in Choose Chillicothe will not be a minor commitment, as the committee will meet approximately 6 times during the planning process. But the resulting comprehensive plan will one of the most important documents the City uses in determining how the City grows and redevelops during the coming decades. This committee will begin meeting in January and, over a period of roughly 12 months, will work closely with the City’s planning staff, planning consultant, and other community members to bring insight and perspective to the visioning process.

“The goal is to establish a diverse and impassioned group that represents as many interests and geographic areas of Chillicothe as possible,” Powell said. “We want to include people of all ages and backgrounds. The more perspectives we can bring to the table, the better this process will be and the more inclusive the final product will be in reflecting our community’s shared vision for the future.”

Chillicothe has not had a new comprehensive plan in nearly 75 years. Chillicothe has seen significant change in that time, it is more important than ever to develop a new plan which reflects the modern realities of the city. Finding a core group of residents to guide the process of envisioning Chillicothe’s future is the first important step.

“We want to hear the voices of residents who have a passion for this community,” Powell said. “We’re going to be making plans for growth and development, transportation, parks and recreation, housing, neighborhoods, economic development, and other components of our community that will be key to our future.”

If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact Asti Powell at (740) 773-1569, or send email to