Pinterest How To’s- The Work Zone- Briana Hood


Pinterest is like the recipe box, junk drawer and magazine pile of the internet world. If you have a personal account on Pinterest you may have everything from home décor, recipes, fashion tips, DIY projects and meme’s pinned on your boards but how do those pins transition into your business? Where do pins come from and how does this world of photos and links turn into customers? Keep reading and hopefully we can help clear some of that up for you!

Here are some helpful tips for Pinterest success!

  • Plan for Pinning success
    • Take the extra time to setup your account properly and be sure to utilize the Pinterest business center which can be found at
    • Ensure that you use key words that relate to your business in your profile description and setup links to your website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
    • Does your business blog? If so install the pin it button on your website so patrons can pin articles and photos directly from your website to their Pinterest boards. You will also want to install the “Follow Me” button for Pinterest on your website and in your email footers, newsletters/email marketing.
    • Link, link, link! Facebook and Twitter both have the ability to link directly to your Pinterest which will share your pins on each social media avenue.
    • Add a watermark. When you pin original content from your website add a watermark in the form of your logo or web address to the image. Doing so will ensure the image is always connected to your business.
    • Be creative with your pins! You don’t have to just pin photos. You can share links to your latest blog or sales and share the corresponding photos with those features.
      • Choose great images for your blog so when you pin your blog half the battle is already done
      • Pin different types of images (photos, infographics, videos and text)
      • Pin Videos
      • Use image creation tools like Canva, PicMonkey, Instagram, Pixlr, or Tweegram.
    • Know your client base
      • Take the time to research your clients and understand what kinds of things they are looking for you to show them.
      • Take this data into account when you setup your initial Pinterest “boards”.
      • Give your boards relevant and catchy titles! Have fun with it and remember most people are using social media in their leisure time, it’s okay to let loose.
    • Re-Pinning to your page
      • If you are going to share pins from other Pinterest enthusiasts be sure to check the source before you re-pin. Sometimes illegitimate websites/materials may be connected to a pin.
      • Be sure to give credit where credit is due! Finding the original source is always preferable to a secondary source.
    • Be strategic
      • Don’t just pin to pin! Add pins to your boards gradually and start new boards when necessary.
      • Be creative with your board and use searchable terms in your pin description
      • FOLLOW! Start following users and/or individual boards that interest you or relate to your business. By following and engaging with users and sometime repining their content, you will begin to build your own community of followers.
      • Add weblinks to your descriptions. The more information about the source of the pin the more longevity your pin will have.
      • Space your pins! Pinning for a few minutes a couple times per day is enough to get you started. Work up to a few times a week.
      • Time your pins. Like any social media site different followers view Pinterest at different times of day. Be flexible and if all else fails 2-4pm and later in the evening are popular times according to Pinterest. Weekends may be a good time also!
    • Pinterest is social….so BE SOCIAL
      • Comment and like other users pins
      • Use names and tag people @(username) will tag someone in a post so they know you are talking to them. Use hashtags #ChilliChamber to highlight keywords.
      • Say thank you! If someone re-pins a pin from your board or likes what you are doing, thank them for following you, liking you and sharing what you are doing.
        • Keep in mind that Pinterest does watch “over commenters” so don’t be excessive with this but be mindful of when it seems really appropriate

Always remember to create an curate, Pinterest is all about sharing great content that you and others create. Balance is key. Don’t just share original content all the time, be sure to spice it up and share what your followers are sharing. Showcase other pinners, be the go-to-source for information in your field, learn from other brands who pin successfully, have fun and be creative!

~Briana Hood- Workforce, Safety Council and Office Manager