Member Benefit Spotlight: Health and Wellness programs – be in the know

Employers with highly effective health and wellness programs report higher revenue.* That’s where Anthem comes in: They have many options to help employees stay healthy, save money and make the right health care choices, such as:

  •  24/7 NurseLine: Registered nurses are on call 24/7 to help with everything from a baby’s fever to allergy relief tips and can advise on where to go for care.
  • Future Moms: Nurses help moms-to-be follow their provider’s plan of care, identify any risks, make healthier decisions during pregnancy and prepare for delivery. Future Moms with Breastfeeding Support on LiveHealth Online offers online visits with a lactation consultant, counselor or registered dietitian through private and secure video using a smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • MyHealth Advantage: When gaps in care or health risks are identified through claims and other health data, Anthem mails a confidential MyHealth Note outlining specific actions to take for better health and lower health care costs.
  • ConditionCare: Employees dealing with a chronic condition like asthma or diabetes can get one-on-one help from a health care professional. They’ll learn ways to manage their health and reach their health goals.
  • Case management: Employees with complex health issues can work with our nurses and behavioral care managers to stay on top of their health issues and navigate the health care system. Backed by a team of doctors, pharmacists, exercise physiologists and others, Anthem’s case managers have the latest information and treatment options.

Contact your broker or Anthem Sales representative for all the details.


* Cornell University website: What is the Impact of Improved Health to Organizational Performance? (accessed November 2019):