What’s Your Christmas Tradition? -Member Crossroads- Bobbi Kellough

It seems as if every family has their own very special Christmas tradition that they look forward to every year.  I have seen many different things done such as matching family pajamas, cookie baking parties with friends and family, certain wrapping paper for each person, traveling around the city singing carols and looking at the festive lights, or even having a Second Hand Christmas Party where all gifts are purchased from yard sales or thrift shops (this is one that I participate in!).

As Christmas gets closer and closer, I am on the hunt for the perfect Christmas ornament for each of my family members.  This is a tradition that my Mom started for my sister and I.  Every year we got to open one present on Christmas Eve and it was an ornament that was selected especially for us.  Something that captured a part of our year or personality.  Then, when we got older and left home to start our own family we got to take all of our “specials” (ornaments) with us so that we would have a start for our own tree.  I still have my very first ornament that I got when I was a week old, and it hangs in the same spot on the tree every year!

My husband normally gets an OSU ornament and Sydney gets something that says something about her year.  Last year’s ornament was a passport as she was preparing for her trip to Europe.  Some of her other “specials” are a violin, a piano, a microphone, a guitar, a lacrosse player, a volleyball, a volleyball jersey, a cheerleader just to mention a few.  (I bet you are getting a good picture of who she is just from her ornaments).

As you are planning for your holiday traditions, please don’t forget to shop locally as we have some hidden gems in Chillicothe and the bonus is that you won’t have to pay shipping!  I’d love to hear about your Christmas traditions……

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-Bobbi Kellough, Member Relations & Events Manager

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