The First Capital District of Chillicothe Community Urban Development, Inc. most simply known as The First Capital District. With streetscape, in 1990 an organization was founded to help revitalize development and improvements within the downtown area of Chillicothe and to help promote and coordinate the area with special events, which will strengthen and compliment the downtown area’s growth. The group, along with designated street boundaries is known as First Capital District. The boundaries are Mulberry Street to Walnut Street and Water Street to Fourth Street. First Capital District markers are in place at the boundary lines to mark the district.

The First Capital District has worked closely with the City, Council, Downtown Development Commission, Chillicothe Ross Chamber of Commerce, and Discover Downtown Partnership to address areas of concern and coordinate such things as new Christmas decorations, murals, the banner program, and downtown flowers. With the appointment of the Downtown Development Commission and the renewed interest in downtown, First Capital District may assist as an avenue for their fundraising efforts.

First Capital District is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

Current Projects:

First Capital District Flower Program

Light The Park