Do you double space after a period? -Member Crossroads- Bobbi Kellough

My blog is entitled Member crossroads.  I have come to a bit of a crossroads myself today.  After sending my trusty partner in crime, Briana, a written piece to proof and dissect; she casually mentioned that I always double space.  I sat up straight in my chair, leaned forward so I could hear her better and said, “What do you mean, I always double space?”.  I know I fixed the paragraph setting to only single space the article.  smiley-face-with-tongue-sticking-out-Sticking-Tongue-Out-Emoji  Briana said that I always double space after a sentence.  I quickly replied, “Yeah, that is what you are supposed to do”.  Duh, these young kids weren’t taught correctly, is what I was really thinking.  😉  I quickly picked up the phone to call Melody in the Visitors Bureau to see what her practice was with spacing after a period.  She agreed with me.  We are about the same age you know, so we must be right.  LOL!  I then googled the question, Do you double space after a period.  The first entry that I see was, Nothing says over 40 like double spacing after a period!  My world was crushed!  That is how I was taught!  When did this change?  Who had the authority to change it?  Why didn’t somebody tell me?

I am one of the many that tend to stick to the ways of which I was taught, don’t change it, it’s not broken so why fix it.  If you are like me then you are missing out.  Take social media for instance, what demographics are you missing because you don’t use Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest?  Your business is doing fine with word of mouth, it’s not broken so why step out of your box.  On August 26th, we are hosting a lunch and learn for a FREE Digital Marketing Seminar.  You will get lunch and a free digital audit of how your business is doing in the social media world.  We will then follow up in September with a class on Facebook and Twitter, and then October with Instagram and Pinterest.  Don’t let somebody date you by your two spaces after a period or by your social media presence.  The youngsters are cruising social media and spending lots of money.  Make sure some of that money is being spent with you.

Do you double space after a period?  Are you on social media?

(Take note that my blog is double spaced after every period)  smiley-face-with-tongue-sticking-out-Sticking-Tongue-Out-Emoji

-Bobbi Kellough, Member Relations & Events Manager

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