Around the Corner from CEO Randy Davies

Today begins a new chapter for the CEO of the chamber…my first blog. Even though I’ve been writing news stories, press releases, newsletters, and other material for more than 25 years in my professional life, I’ve never written a blog. We’re trying some new things at the chamber to help us stay more connected with the members we serve and the community we represent. So as we transition into a more digital world, I hope you take a few minutes to keep checking to find out what’s happening in and around our great community.

One of the new features we have introduced is a monthly business newsletter that will share interesting articles and tidbits around the business world. Here’s the link for this month’s Business Intelligence Report.

Some of our members may have received a call about marketing opportunities on the chamber’s map project. Every two years, we put out a city/county map for our visitors. The deadline to get on this edition is April 30. Give us a call at the office at 740.702.2722 and we can make sure you’re included.

~ Randy Davies, President & CEO